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The Rufo Poll Archive is an intriguing resource that charts public opinion of the sweety meow on a variety of topics. Click on any graph or question for a detailed view of each poll result. And remember, there are several standard caveats to observe when interpreting poll information, so translate the data carefully. Also, be sure to participate in the current poll and check back often for important updates.

Nov 2001 - Apr 2002

 POLL 1 JUNE 1999 - DEC 1999 

How many spanks does Rufo deserve for messing outside his litter box? 

 POLL 2 JAN 2000 - JULY 2000 

Which one of Rufo's paws is the cutest? 

 POLL 3 AUG 2000 - FEB 2001 

Should Rufo eat as much as he wants and become a fat cat? 

 POLL 4 MAR 2001 - OCT 2001 

Where should Rufo spend his vacation? 

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