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A Day in the Park with Rufo

Park was already crowded by the time Rufo and I arrived. Rufo stopped walking several blocks ago and was now clenched firmly to my . We made our way to the center of the park, dodging roller-bladers every step of the way. As we approached the trash cans, I noticed two people aggressively on the ground. I shielded Rufo's innocent eyes from the tawdry spectacle and kept walking.

When we arrived at the Botanical Gardens, Rufo became extremely excited and leaped from my grasp. Like always, he ran straight to the Circle of and buried his face in the center of the biggest one.

I walked up behind him and gave him a gentle, little kick. He answered with a furious swipe to my foot and then quickly turned his attention to a scary looking .

Rufo Smells a Flower
"Get away from that!" I warned, but it was too late. Rufo had already pounced on the poor bug and was trying to it. Disgusted by his savagery, I briefly looked away and when I turned back around, Rufo was gone. At first, I wasn't worried and casually called out " ", but he didn't come.

After a few terrifying moments, I ran out of the garden hoping to find Rufo waiting for me. He wasn't anywhere to be found. Overcome with panic, I collapsed on a nearby bench and began to hyperventilate. While struggling to relax, I noticed Rufo dart from behind a nearby and :

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