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Because of his unprecedented popularity, Rufo gets hundreds of emails everyday from fans around the world. Most of these emails are simple declarations of affection for the sweety meow, but occasionally curious fans want to know more about the kitty than what is offered on the site. For your convenience, Mess has compiled a list of the most frequently asked questions, accompanied by Rufo's corresponding responses. Please send any questions that are not addressed in this FAQ by using the provided email link above this paragraph. Enjoy and learn!

1 What kind of kitty is Rufo?
Rufo is a purebred Himalayan, which is a type of Persian. According to the leading authorities on cats, Himalayan kitties are in fact the best kitties in the world. Cats & Kittens magazine (Jan. 1999) described them as "the aristocrat of the cat fancy" and "the once and present and future pastor of the four-legged congregation of fur."

2 Is Rufo a boy or a girl?
Rufo is a gentle baby boy, although he believes he transcends gender all together.

3 Where did Rufo come from?
Rufo's origin can be traced directly to his parents; two champion, pedigree Himalayan cats who were owned by professional cat breeders. These breeders were a crazy couple settled in the lush suburb of Millbrae, CA. Being the runt of the litter, Rufo was unwanted by the cat collecting elite and was given away for free. Little did that crazy couple know they were wantonly discarding the most influential cat of our time.

4 When is Rufo's birthday and how old is he?
Like champion racehorses, Rufo's birthday is New Years Day, January 1st . He was born that day in the year 1996, which as of August 2000, makes him around 4.5 years old. In cat years, that is approximately 35 years of age. It is safe to say Rufo is in the prime of his life and has never felt better.

5 What does the name Rufo mean?
According to the Canadian Society of Kabalarians, (the online authority for name meanings) the name Rufo indicates a very responsible, stable nature. Calmness of mind enables those named Rufo to analyze objectively, and to make decisions quickly, creating the possibility of doing well in business or in any professional capacity. Those named Rufo are very serious with a self-possessed nature that can appear domineering and forceful to others. The name Rufo also suggests a strong humanitarian nature with tendencies to assist others. This desire to help is sometimes not appreciated. Those named Rufo have an appreciation for music and art, and can express along these lines. Mental tension could result through worrying too much over problems or the problems of others, with adverse effects on the nervous system.

6 What kind of name is Rufo?
As the elder statesmen from Logan's Run instructed, "The naming of cats is a difficult matter. Its not just one of your holiday games. You might think that I'm mad as a hatter when I tell you that each cat has three different names. They've got their ordinary name, and then they've got their fancy name and that makes two names doesn't it. But they've got a third name. Above and beyond there's one name left over and this is the name you never will guess. It's a name no human research will discover, but the cat knows (shush) and he'll never confess."

Rufo is his ordinary name, his fancy names are listed below. As to Rufo's secret name, sadly no one will ever know.

7 Does Rufo have any nicknames?
Being a kitty of such dynamic character, new nicknames are created for Rufo almost daily. However, his most consistent nicknames include: Rufus T. Vandermeow, Pussums, Li'l Butter and The Poof.

8 What color are Rufo's eyes?
Rufo's eyes are a goldish orange, like the fiery sky of a hot Egyptian sunrise and his pupils are huge saucer shaped orbs that can stare right through a person's soul.

9 What's that stuff around Rufo's eyes?
Rufo doesn't like to talk about the gunky resin that gathers around his eyes. Its something he can't stop from happening, but he can minimize its impact by constantly cleaning himself. In fact, he gets a little obsessive about cleaning his eyes, much like the blood Lady MacBeth can't wash from her hands.

10 Is Rufo a clean kitty?
Like most kitties, Rufo has an instinctive drive to keep himself clean, but he has a lot working against him. In addition to the eye resin (see previous question) Rufo has other features that make being a clean kitty an enormous chore. The greatest problem he faces is his long fine fur, which easily clumps and is a magnet for dirt, dust and other less pleasant stuffs. This difficulty is especially concentrated around the haunches.

11 What is Rufo's greatest feature?
Contrary to popular opinion, Rufo's flat facial profile, albeit amazingly cute, is not his greatest feature. In fact, it is his paws and the enormity therein that is his defining physical trait. One quick glance at this kittens mittens and its no wonder why the ladies croon for Rufo.

12 Is Rufo really as poofy as he looks?
Its not an illusion, Rufo really is that poofy. For exact physical information and other interesting tidbits you may need to know, visit Rufo's Facts Stats & Dimensions.

13 What does Rufo like to eat?
Rufo will eat almost anything. His favorite foods include meat of any kind, cheese of any kind, breads, grapes and butter. Conversely, Rufo will not eat dry cat food unless necessity dictates it.

14 When does Rufo like to sleep?
Although he succumbs to the proverbial cat nap several times throughout the day, Rufo achieves the bulk of his shut eye in the mid afternoon, leaving him wide awake at night to do whatever he wishes without consequence.

15 Does Rufo like to fly?
Rufo has a severe fear of flying, however he does dream of one day visiting the cosmos. You can enjoy these fantasy adventures by visiting Where No Cat has Gone Before.

16 Where does Rufo go to relax?
Being the deep, philosophical cat that he is, Rufo likes to spend his quiet time staring out the window and contemplating the wonders of life. After a few hours on the sill, Rufo emerges renewed and ready for whatever challenges await him.

17 What does Rufo do for fun?
Nothing entertains Rufo more than a jaunty game of 'Catch the Sharp White Stick', but when he's in the mood for more challenging diversions, he tries his luck with his own Puzzles & Games.

18 How many cute things does Rufo do in one day?
In any given day, Rufo performs on average seven cute things. They range from squirming on the floor, twitching in his sleep, jumping in empty paper bags and playing 'groceries' to viciously tackling other kitties.

19 What is the cutest thing Rufo has ever done?
It is impossible to determine the cutest thing that Rufo has done, given the fact that he has accomplished so many exceptionally cute things in his short lifetime. Singling out his cutest achievement is like focusing on one doubloon in a treasure chest full of gold.

20 How did Rufo get to be so cute?
Obviously we cannot reveal all the secrets to cuteness that Rufo has developed over the years. We can say that most of his cuteness happens without trying. To all the cats who strive to be extra cute, Rufo suggests you just be yourself and let nature take its course.

21 Does Rufo have any advice for other kitties?
Rufo has advice for everybody, including other kitties. His seemingly infinite wisdom has proven to be an invaluable resource for those in need of guidance. To benefit from Rufo's excellent tastes and advisability, be sure to check out his special Tips, Tricks and Recipes.

22 Can Rufo fight?
Rufo has the soul of a warrior poet trapped inside the body of a precious baby. He thinks he can fight and puts on a good show, but when push comes to shove, Rufo cowers from conflict. He's much more of a lover than a fighter, a fact that fills his life with pleasure.

23 Is Rufo smart?
Merriam Webster defines intelligence as the ability to learn or understand or to deal with new or trying situations. With that in mind, it has been determined that Rufo is of average intelligence. By no means is he a dumb kitty, but he's not a brainy cat either. What he lacks in acumen is compensated by his unprecedented perspicacity.

24 Does Rufo ever get into trouble?
Yes. Generally, Rufo is a very well mannered kitty, but there have been a few instances when he has crossed the line. Things that get Rufo into trouble include, but are not limited to: jumping on the table, scratching stuff other than his post and chewing through a plastic bag to eat the sweet bread inside. Of course, the worst offense Rufo can ever commit is doing bathroom business outside of the box.

25 Why does Rufo cry?
What many people confuse as Rufo crying is actually him talking. Like most cats, meowing is his primary mode of communication. By human's standards, Rufo's nine word vocabulary is very limited, but compared to other kitties, he is a linguistic virtuoso. To interpret each of his meows, please visit the Meow Sound Library.

26 How does Rufo express the love he feels deep inside?
Expressing love has always been easy for Rufo since he has so many means at his disposal. He can rub your leg or give small bites or even flop on your lap and stare passionately into your eyes, while his soothing purrs vibrate throughout your body. There have also been reports of Rufo actually entering dreams and psychically spreading his love, but these claims have so far been unsubstantiated.

27 Is Rufo really psychic?
All cats are psychic and Rufo is no exception. Like most kitties, Rufo can predict radical shifts in the weather as well as impending earthquakes, but where other kitties stop, Rufo takes the art of soothsaying to a much higher level. Over time, Rufo has learned to hone his psychic skills to near perfection. Indulge your curiosity about the future by visiting Rufo's Mystic Predictions, if you dare.

28 Does Rufo have any friends?
Rufo's immense love for himself makes it hard to befriend other kitties. He does share his house with another less likable cat, but they're not really friends. Regarding human friends, Rufo is wary. Too many times, Rufo has been underestimated by people, an unfortunate reality he considers to be most reprehensible.

29 How can I best show my affection for Rufo?
Expressing your love for Rufo is fun for the whole family and has never been easier. Merchandise including T-shirts, mouse pads, stationary and other neat Rufo stuff will soon be available online. Also, by joining his Fan Club, you qualify to receive secret Rufo information, website updates and discounts on all his wonderfully cute products.

30 Who are Rufo's enemies?
Many kitties are jealous of Rufo's natural graces and therefore he has plenty of feline foes. Other than cats, Rufo despises big dogs, savage raccoons and any animal named Chloe. Given this long list of enemies, Rufo does his best to rise above such petty hatred.

31 How do people perceive Rufo?
Rufo asks himself this question everyday. In order to better ascertain the public's opinion of Rufo, he conducts monthly polls on various topics relating to him. A collection of past poll results can be accessed via Rufo's Poll Archive.

32 What makes Rufo angry?
Nothing irks the baby cat more than blowing air on his finely laid fur. He also despises tardy feeding times, unwanted cradling and being pushed over. Even though he's not renowned for his fighting skills, its still not a good idea to get this kitty mad.

33 Is Rufo available for public appearances?
No. Given the fact that he is just a little kitty, Rufo can't possibly keep up with the demand for his presence. He spends most of his time at home with the those he loves the most. However, Rufo does make occasional appearances at the local vet so if you happen to be there during one of his visits, you may just be lucky enough to meet him.

34 Can I come over to Rufo's house and see him?
Once again, no. Rufo's house is the only place where he can really unwind and be himself. Visitors, regardless of their noninvasive intentions, inevitably impose on his space and cause him discomfort.

35 If Rufo doesn't leave the house and nobody can visit him at home, then is there any way I will ever get to meet him?
Your chances of actually meeting Rufo are very slim. Although he respects his adoring public from a distance, Rufo dislikes personal encounters. As stated above, you may happen upon a chance encounter at his vet, but the odds of that are astronomical.

36 What is a day with Rufo like?
No two days with Rufo are alike. Each moment with the sweety meow is a unique and precious event. Luckily, an approximation of the experience is available at Rufo's Create Your Own Encounter.

37 Why does Rufo stink sometimes?
For the most part, Rufo smells like fresh spring time laundry, wrapped in flowers and sprinkled with a mild perfume. On rare occasion, Rufo has developed a less than pleasant aroma, usually caused by a piece of waste that stubbornly clings to his hairy haunches.

38 Is Rufo photogenic?
Of course he is. Rufo may very well be the cutest, most photogenic kitty of all time. His flawless bone structure and gorgeous fur tone makes him the perfect subject for photography. He's also a natural model, the way he mugs for the camera is unparallel in the cat kingdom. For proof of this claim, check out his Picture Gallery.

39 Is Rufo ticklish?
Surprisingly, Rufo is not ticklish. However, he does have one tickle spot, that if properly stimulated, will send him into a delicate fit. For his own protection, that spot will not be disclosed here today.

40 Will I ever get to see Rufo in motion?
As expected, Rufo in motion is pure poetry. Still photos can't possibly capture the sheer elegance of his movements. Thankfully a collection of short motion pictures are in the making. Check back often for the unveiling of Rufo's much anticipated Video Vault.

41 What is Rufo's favorite TV show?
For the most part, Rufo thinks television is a big waste of time. However, the only show he deems worthy of his attention is Sabrina the Teenage Witch. This is mainly due to the warlock feline Salem, who Rufo considers to be a real raucous cat. There's something about that self-centered Salem that Rufo finds all too relatable.

42 What are Rufo's favorite websites?
Although his refined tastes encompass a wide range of interesting topics, most of Rufo's favorite sites are cat related. Some involve other kitties on the web, others provide information on the care and treatment of cats, but there is much, much more. For a complete list of URLs and descriptions of each site, visit Rufo's Kitty Links.

43 Is the world ready for Rufo?
Whether the world is ready for Rufo is irrelevant, because he's here and he cannot be ignored. Thanks in part go to the pioneers that have come before him. Giants like Felix, Morris, Garfield, Socks and Meowth, have prepared the global community for Rufo the super kitty and all that he has to offer.

44 Can I help promote Rufo to the world?
Everyone is strongly encouraged to spread the good word about Rufo and his undeniable cuteness. Most common methods of promotion include emailing a friend about Rufo and/or making sizeable donations to the charity of your choice in his name. Whatever you choose to do, the most important thing to remember is that we are all in this together. If everyone pitches in, Rufo will be the most popular and effectual cat on the web in no time. You too can make a difference!

45 How can I share my feelings for Rufo with other people?
Rufo invites everyone to publicly communicate their flattering feelings and opinions by signing his Guestbook.

46 What are Rufo's plans for the future?
The next few years are very crucial for Rufo as he establishes himself to be the premier online feline. After that, he plans to use this position to help save all the sick and hungry kitties of the world. Once global kitty contentment is achieved, Rufo hopes to take things easy and maybe even indulge in a little romance (all you single female kitties out there better watch out).

47 What does Rufo want out of life?
Despite his seemingly sophisticated nature, Rufo has very simple desires. All he really wants is a constantly full bowl of meaty food, tender scratches and the occasional game of 'Catch the Sharp White Stick'. Although fame and fortune come very easy to Rufo, it is not the most important aspect of his life.

48 Can I talk to Rufo?
Rufo tries hard to stay in touch with his adoring fans and the most feasible way to accomplish this is with his own Cat Chat. Log on at anytime to chat with other admirers or join the Fan Club to learn exact times when Rufo himself will be joining the chat.

49 Does Rufo deserve all this attention?
Every cat deserves this much attention and Rufo deserves even more. The bigger question is, does the world deserve Rufo's attention? For most, the answer is no. Thankfully, Rufo, in his infinite compassion, looks beyond our shortcomings and extends his kitty love to all who want it.

50 Can I test my knowledge of Rufo?
After reading all this important information, the next logical step is to test your newly acquired knowledge of Rufo. If you feel ready, a multiple choice exam awaits you at the Rufo True or False Challenge.

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